The ELRO 110M is a compact receiver capable of demodulating a video signal transmitted over an optical fiber through the minitrasmettitore ELTO VM1 or any transmitter amplitude modulator. the use of this stand-alone module needs no adjustment during installation, there are also reports that allow to verify the proper operation of the system: a yellow LED verifies the device’s power,A green LED verifies the presence of video sync signal, and finally a red LED determines the condition of release of the automatic gain control circuit, and then the output signal no longer meets the characteristics of the system. The two video outputs allow monitorarela is without the interruption of the service.

Key features

  • Amplitude demodulator.
  • Compact design in an aluminum.
  • Automatic gain control video signal(AGC).
  • Compatibility PAL, SECAM, NTSC.
  • Supply 12-24 V c.c.
  • No calibration during installation.
  • LED indicator for power, presence sync AGC and Alarm.
  • Dual output video signal


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