About us

EUROLAB brings two decades of experience in the field of Telecommunications. Thanks to its efficiency and reliability, it achieves a solid and important reputation as a specialist and flexible partner, open and interested in all the industrial technologies, una solida e importante reputazione di partner specializzato ma flessibile,  : from telecommunications to mechanical engineering. It has made possible the implementation of major technology projects: from the design and engineering stages, and up to full production of systems and equipment designed to meet a wide range of needs and markets.

EUROLAB provides a structured technology consulting service, aimed at companies with limited internal resources, or encountering difficulties in finding a satisfactory solution for their needson the market , wish to entrust to an external partner for the development and implementation of their own projects.
The flexibility and experience acquired over the years, allow us to develop the necessary and updated knowledge base, in diversified areas such as:
  • Analog and Digital Radio Links.
  • Fiber Optic transmission systems dedicated to the transport of multimedia contents (Audio,Video and Data) and reference signals (Time, Frequency and Timing Codes).
  • GPS Timing & Sync. Network Timing.
  • Point to Point, Point – Multipoint Wireless Networks, ..
  • Interconnection cabling systems.
  • Design and implementation of systems and equipment in response to specific requirements.


Our TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES and ENGINEERING implements the most complex projects, at the best of the available technology, to meet the highest expectations.
EUROLAB devotes his full attention to companies looking for innovative solutions. It can represents a key player, the bridge, between multi-disciplinary technologies and typical needs of today’s manufacturing realities.

High quality standards

EUROLAB is constantly looking for specialized and leading solutions, to be integrated into your applications, often very different among them and with a reduced time-to-market. An explicit goal: to maintain over time the highest design, engineering and productive standards. To all our partners we offer a flexible and efficient structure, that allows you to optimize and simplify the management stages and their development in progression over time.


EUROLAB evaluates and develops at best all the many details, acting with a strong perspective of investment safeguarding and production timeliness. The ability to form technology and business alliances, with leading partners in their respective markets, becomes a key factor that allows us to expand our technological horizons constantly and dynamically, giving us the opportunity and the ability to raise new challenges.

Design center

The design of our systems is entirely done in-house by our Research and Development Staff. Same occurs for the implemetation of the Firmware and all the Remote Control and Management Software tools


EUROLAB pays great attention to the design of its systems and in choosing the best available technologies for their realization. Our goal is to ensure ease of use, a long service life and simple maintenance, with no compromises on performances.

Flexible solutions for meet your needs

Often the “standard” solutions available on the market, does not meet the specific customer’s requirements.
EUROLAB provides a Customized Engineering Project, service for dedicated product developments, taking on responsibility for the integration of all the hardware, software and mechanical components, as well as production optimization.
Among our designs already in use at our customers, we can mention:
• Automatic Power Switching Systems (Power Transfer Switch).
• De-Icing Systems for antennas with or without radome.
• Special Cabling Systems.
• Custom based Electronic Cards and Equipments.
• Customized Control and Management Software.
Provide time synchronization signals & Frequency has become customary in many modern electronic applications.
For the latest technology is a necessity indispensable.

EUROLAB has developed over time a solid experience in building systems of Clock Generation, GPS antenna, Synchronization Network Systems, Standard Frequency High Performance Systems and Signal Distribution (Coax and Optical), often in collaboration with the customer in defining the technical specifications.
The systems are designed to be applied in areas such as:
• Telecom Wireless/Wireline Networks.
• Network Providers.
• Video e Audio Broadcasting.
• IT Enterprise Networks.
• Avionics & Space.
• Industry.
• Scientific Research.
• Energy Utilities.
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