Many of the processes that occur at every moment within a data network, are strongly influenced by the accuracy with which each information in transit is dated. Having an accurate synchronization, reliable and always available is a key aspect to determine the precise order in which events occur. The universally accepted method for maintaining an accurate time reference in a LAN, is the use of NTP (Network Time Protocol), or its simplified version, SNTP.
The model is an innovative ELTS100 NTP Server, specifically designed to provide easily, effective and economical, accurate synchronization in small and medium-sized network infrastructure and is the first ever fully integrated in NTP body antenna. The level of layer 1 is obtained by deriving the time directly by atomic clocks on board the GPS satellite system. The 22-channel GPS receiver, provides the primary reference and the tracking of each satellite in view, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of service. In the event of temporary loss of GPS reference, disables the system autonomously (squelch) up to new availability of primary reference.
The extremely compact form factor, PoE (Power over Ethernet), combined with unprecedented ease of installation, makes this system ideal for all types of applications requiring high scalability in highly distributed architectures, or as a backup solution. The management and complete control of the system is via an intuitive web interface from any remote location within the network, no need to install any additional software.

Key features

  • Operations Layer 1 when attached to GPS
  • IPv4 Compliant, IPv6 ready
  • Secure management via web interface 
  • SSH, SSL, SCP, SNMP v3, custom MIB, HTTPS
  • Standard UTP Ethernet cable connection, until 100 mt
  • Accuracy in the order of nanoseconds to UTC
  • Timing accurate even with a single satellite in view
  • Two-year Warranty
  • Two-color status LED for GPS reference information about the presence, NTP active, IP network and alarm

Main advantages

  • Synchronize clocks of thousands of client, server e workstation
  • Reliable time source for your IP network
  • Source of extremely accurate time for the synchronization of network
  • Intuitive web based interface for simple control operations and maintenance
  • Installation and maintenance quick and easy
  • Firmware updates in real time remotely via Ethernet


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