The generation time and frequency ELTF300 is the result of many years of experience in the field and represents the common basis from which to develop new architectures. It is a modular unit, Flexible and versatile, designed to meet a wide variety of applications, timing and synchronization.
The fundamental concept underlying the development of this system is to be able to have a standard platform easily expandable and customizable in accordance with the development of functional requirements or by virtue of special configuration needs.
The standard configuration allows you to have a large number of exits to 10MHz and 1PPS (16+16) and accepts dual power sources, 230Vac e 24 Vdc (48Vdc optional). The system can also be equipped with internal battery backup, to filter out any misfed, typical of unmanned remote locations often. ELTF300 can also be operated by the NTP server layer 1 adding the specific (One slot).
The modular architecture allows you to easily expand the functionality is software and hardware directly in the field. Software updates and remote control can be managed remotely through an intuitive web browser interface SNMP / MIB, through a standard Ethernet connection, no need to install any additional software.

Key features

  • GPS L1 22 channels with function traim
  • Accuracy better than 30 ns RMS verso UTC
  • Frequency accuracy better than 1×10-12 (GPS locked)
  • Supports input 1PPS External Reference
  • Porta Ethernet standard 10/100 Base-T
  • Remote management via intuitive web interface
  • Standard HTTP, SNMP / MIB
  • Completely Modular with Plug-and-Play
  • Expandable in the field
  • Rubidium Oscillator OCXO Standard with option for best performance of holdover
  • Customizable
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