ELTF 200/200BP Series

Developed and produced to meet the most demanding requirements of investment,performance, reliability and flexibility, ELTF200 series of GPS receivers can be used with confidence as a reference source of time & frequency for radio and television broadcast applications, in cellular networks, for process automation, requirements in laboratories or test and measurement. This family of products, now in its second generation, offers a cost-effective and truly beneficial has become a widespread presence in different operating environments. The core system is an oscillator (OCXO) high-performance, providing excellent qualities of accuracy, with stability better than 30ns with UTC time-and 1×10-12 in conditions of engagement, on the frequency. In the standard configuration, outputs available (6 x 10MHz sine, 6x 1PPS) are sufficient to cover most needs for which this unit was designed.
Flexibility in design allows, in any case, the extension of system functionality or customization based on specific.
The system configuration is made of 19 “rack 1U and can be powered by 230V contensione, that with a 24V DC source (48Optional V). The version ELTF200-BP, provides increased redundancy features on nutrition, accepting a backup battery (12Vdc) internal, useful to filter the micro-interruptions of the mains voltage, typical of remote, thus avoiding the inefficiencies associated with the hang time on the GPS signal.
Operations management and system monitoring are supported by noon an intuitive web interface with SNMP client, through the standard Ethernet connection, no need to install any local software.

Key features

  • GPS L1 22 channels with function traim
  • Time accuracy of better than 50 ns RMS than UTC
  • Frequency accuracy better than 1×10-12 
  • 6 10MHz outputs; 6 1PPS output
  • Supports input 1PPS External Reference
  • Porta Ethernet standard 10/100 Base-T
  • Remote Management via Web interface
  • Standard HTTP, SNMP / MIB
  • Remote Software Upgrades
  • Easily Customizable
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