ELGA 400

One of the primary causes of failure in a complex system, often underestimated, is the strength of the electric power supply section.
The model ELGA 400 Power Switch is a high efficiency, rack-mountable 19 “, which provides redundant power to the apparatus fitted with a single power supply input, Drawing from two independent sources and redundant, allowing critical loads continue to operate with little or no interruption of service.
In normal use, in case of temporary interruption of the primary source, Switch automatically switches, to the secondary source according to the scheme “Break Before Make”, irrespective of any phase differences between the two sources, safely and with a preset timing of two seconds (But you can define different values ​​if required).
Designed keeping in mind the characteristics of simplicity of use, of compactness, reliability and, not least, the economy of purchase and management, lo Switch ELGA 400 has all the features necessary for its intended purpose.
The functions of continuous control of the quality of energy supplied to the load and the selection criteria and recovery (also manually from the front panel for the verification operations and maintenance) Preferred source and optionally network connectivity for operations management and monitoring via Web and SNMP, ELGA makes the Switch 400 a valuable and versatile protection for all critical loads, ensuring the necessary continuity of service.

Key features

  • Continuous monitoring of sources
  • Safe switching between sources also out of phase
  • Management via Ethernet (optional)
  • Auto / manual to an alternative source
  • Selecting the preferred source on the front panel or remotely
  • Operating time of customizable
  • Compact 19 “rack 1U
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