ELAG 410

The build-up of ice on antenna systems installed in areas subject to harsh environmental conditions, generally causes a gradual decrease in emission efficiency / reception, to the point of compromising the operation completely in extreme cases. The model ELAG410 is a system designed for the effective management of heating elements suitable to prevent the formation of ice on antenna systems with or without radome.
Acquiring a series of operating parameters, environmental and electrical, the unit allows accurate management of the operation times, determining a significant optimization of the power used and consequently a significant energy saving. All setup and display of operating parameters can be done both locally, via the front panel display, sia attraverso un host remoto con web browser, by means of a connection.
The unit is equipped with a robust ELAG410 active probe for collecting data of temperature and relative humidity, specifically designed for typical operation conditions of use of telecommunications towers for, places in mountain areas that have large temperature. The acquired data are used by the control for the calculation of the basic parameters such as the Dew Point, in order to better operating strategy, in relation to the environmental. In order to improve aspects of operation general, the apparatus is capable of driving two separate heating systems, that can be used alternatively increasing the reliability, or jointly, if it is required a high thermal gradient. In the case of multiple installations in the same complex, there is the possibility that they can share the same probe detection of environmental data

Key features

  • Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions
  • Programmable thresholds for intervention
  • Optimization of the power used
  • Gestione remota via Ethernet e Web Browser
  • Transactions in Automatic / Manual
  • Compact 19 “rack 1U.
  • Heating systems on specific
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