EL TP 240

The EL series transmitter TP 240 is an apparatus capable of transmitting a composite video signal (PAL or SECAM) plus two audio signals at a distance. The distance that can cover the signal of the apparatus depends on the antenna system used. A system of omni-directional antenna can cover an area with a radius of the order of hundreds of meters, while steering an antenna system can cover distances of the order of several thousand meters.
The size and weight are extremely low since the use of more modernconstruction techniques using technology S.M.D. that make a device with multiple uses. Given the very low absorption power of this apparatus can be carried out, as well as by a power supply, also by a battery or solar panels energy converters, thereby giving the apparatus extreme flexibility of the transmission system. The container of airtight aluminum gives it a high degree of protection against atmospheric agents and also a high shielding necessary in order to allow even more transmitters to operate in the same area on different frequencies without interfering with each other. The output frequency is digital synthesis, operating in the banda 2.4 GHz. The setting of the desired frequency is direct via a display by means of two buttons. A video signal presence detector circuit means that a possible failure of the latter active a relay which provides an exchange contact, also displaying the alarm on the display.
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