Proximity Radars

“Flexibility, efficiency and easy configuration to perfectly fits the customer needs.”
R&D Dep.
ELBM is a bistatic (the transmitter is separated from the receiver) microwave barrier for the control of the area between the two units.
The system is truly versatile and fully configurable, and allows to use ELBM in a very wide range of applications, such as ground-vehicles crossing control (airports, bridges, tunnels, railways, etc …), proximity alert for big units for the handling of large loads (cranes, container, etc …), access control in hazardous or banned sites (construction sites, particular buildings, etc …).
The extreme simplicity of configuration and the advanced interconnect systems allows ELBM to interface with any kind of network.
The characteristics of dynamic and range allows to a single TX-RX system to cover a large area, or to create a network of sensors, based on customer particular needs.
Several parallel systems can operates togheter, allows to use ELBM also in areas where there are strong electromagnetic noise such as, for example, airports, railways, telecommunication stations.
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